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Unity* and Android Build for Intel® Architecture

Abhishek Nandy
CEO at Geek Monkey Studios

In this article I will try to cover Unity* with steps for Android* build...

Build Unity* e Android para a arquitetura Intel

Abhishek Nandy
CEO na Geek Monkey Studios

Nesse artigo tentarei abordar o Unity com os passos para uma build Android...

Gregory Menvielle

Q&A with Android Developer Paul Blundell

Gregory Menvielle
President at SmartNotify

In this post, I interviewed developer Paul Blundell to gain some...

Gregory Menvielle

Sessão de perguntas e respostas com o desenvolvedor Android Paul Blundell

Gregory Menvielle
Presidente na SmartNotify

Nesse post, eu entrevistei o desenvolvedor Paul Blundell para entender...

Trials & Triumphs of Market Validation – A Case Study

Every so often, we come across an article that sums up an idea so well, we just have to share it - this article is just that. Kaloyan...

The Future of Android*

The Future of Android*: Android N the Future of Things to Come in Open Source

Daniel Kaufman
Co-Founder at Brooklyn Labs

To the casual Android* user, there are not many changes that can...

The Future of Android*

O futuro do Android*: Android N - o futuro das coisas por vir em código aberto.

Daniel Kaufman
Co-fundador na Brooklyn Labs

Para o usuário casual do Android, não há muitas mudanças que possam...

Improve the Security of Android* Applications Using Hooking Techniques: Part 2

Publicado em 18 de abril de 2016

Learn how to create a Unity* project with steps for an Android* build on Intel® architecture.

A New Project using IOT

Hi,We are planning new device for transport sector and we require GPS technology,Wifi in Vehicle, Speed Sensing,Temperature Sensing, Eye Sensor...

Improve the Security of Android* Applications using Hooking Techniques: Part 1

Learn how the hooking technique can provide a simple and effective protection solution against possible offline attacks when using third-party...

Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC Simplifies Adding Real-Time Communication to Your Applications

Publicado em 7 de abril de 2016

Web-based real-time communication (WebRTC) is an open standard proposed that allows browser-to-browser applications to support voice calling, video...

2016 Intel® University Games Showcase

Download Document

Q: What do the following things have in common?

A multiplayer game set in a demon-possessed carnival town that uses...

Introduction to cross-platform mobile apps development

Fabrizio Lapiello
Intel Software Innovator

Did you know that high quality mobile cross-platform apps can be...

Introdução ao desenvolvimento de aplicativos móveis multiplataforma

Fabrizio Lapiello
Intel Software Innovator

Você sabia que aplicativos móveis, multiplataforma e de alta qualidade...

5 Must Reads for March - Surviving Appotropolis & Marketing Your App For Serious Success

Every day, our team spends hours reading the latest on app development, user experience, monetization, marketing and more. We learn new...

Francisco Buitrago

How do I Get Started with My First Android App? 1/3

Francisco Buitrago
Software Developer at Telefonica

This is one of three posts where we will cover how you can...

Francisco Buitrago

Como dar início ao meu primeiro aplicativo Android? 1/3

Francisco Buitrago
Desenvolvedor de software na Telefonica

Esse é um de três posts onde abordaremos como você pode...

API without Secrets: Introduction to Vulkan* Part 0: Preface

Follow Pawel L. to learn about Intel's graphic driver support for the emerging Vulkan* graphics API. He'll be providing several tutorials along with...

two palignr instructions-2

Google VP9 Optimization

Portals including YouTube*, Netflix*, and Amazon* work constantly to give customers the highest quality with the fastest streaming available. Toward...

Middleware in Game Development

In game development, middleware can be the software between the kernel and the UX, or it can be software that makes game development easier by...

Garbage Collection Workload for Android*

GCW for Android is a JVM memory management workload that is designed to emulate how real applications use Java memory management. It is intended to...

Black Belt Developers Share Their Best Advice—and the Biggest Mistakes They See

Intel® Black Belt Developers are the most distinguished members of our community. They’ve been recognized for their technical expertise...

Built to Sell: Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Think About Your Mobile Monetization Strategy


Knowing how you plan to sell your product is important because it means the difference between getting paid for your work, and...

An Android Debugging Bridge Breakdown

Publicado em 9 de março de 2016Por Eric P.

Eric Payne
Owner at Elite Computer Repair

ADB, by itself, is NOT a program or application. It's actually part of a...

Uma análise detalhada da Android Debugging Bridge

Publicado em 9 de março de 2016Por Eric P.

Eric Payne
Proprietário da Elite Computer Repair

O ADB não é um programa ou aplicativo em si mesmo. Ele é, de fato,...

Hasta la Vista Winter: Time to Spring into Adventure with your Significant Other

Publicado em 7 de março de 2016

It's common that when a couple's relationship has passed the "honeymoon" phase, some start to drift apart. The jittery feeling of your heart...

Unity* Optimization Guide for Intel x86 Platforms: Part 4

Editor Optimizations, Compressing Textures, Mobile Stock Shaders, Static Batching. Dynamic Batching, HDR – High Dynamic Range, Selecting the Optimal...

The Total Wellness Equation: 4 Apps that Promote Acuity and Mental Fitness

Publicado em 7 de março de 2016

Sometimes it seems as if physical fitness gets all of the attention. And while clearly, it is a crucial component of overall wellness, it is...

Kid at Heart: Back to Basics in 2016

Publicado em 4 de março de 2016

We’ve come a long way since the days of Pong and Dungeons and Dragons, but the lasting principles of interactive video gaming remain.


Simulation and Stimulation: Easy Ways to Get Your Brain in Shape and Beat the Winter Blues

New Year’s resolutions always seem to be focused on the body, but according to the latest science, your brain is just as important.


Resolve to Keep That Resolution: 3 Ways to Learn Something New in the New Year

The excitement of the holidays has now long passed us by, and it’s quite possible that our New Year’s resolutions have already been forgotten. But...

The Health of Your Creativity: 5 Game Apps to Trigger New Ideas in Your Brain

Every one of us is capable of ingenuity; experimenting with gaming can be a key to unlocking your imagination.

When we talk about the...

Minimized: How Smart Device Gaming is Trending Toward the Simple in 2016

Flashy CGI and virtual reality are bigger than ever, but minimalistic games prove to be just as much of a draw, and a challenge.


App Time: It’s a Family Affair in 2016

Publicado em 4 de março de 2016

Being present in each aspect of life is never as simple as it initially sounds. This is especially true with parenthood. Many aspire, especially...

Springtime Trends: Puzzle and Wordplay Gaming Apps Continue to Capture Consumer Attention

Publicado em 4 de março de 2016

The season of renewal is just around the corner; renew your gaming repertoire with these favorites.

2016 is in full swing and the tech...