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12:28 PM PDT
Intel Resources for Game Developers
Por Colleen Culbertson (Intel)Publicado em 08/01/20150
"Thank you for making games! Intel is a strong supporter of game development, and we've assembled all our best information to help you get your game running great on Intel hardware. Intel® HD Graphics and Intel® IrisTM and IrisTM Pro Graphics parts are some of the most commonly used graphics solu...
3:23 AM PDT
Threading Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives Image Resize with Intel® Threading Building Blocks
Por Jeffrey Mcallister (Intel)Publicado em 04/08/20150
Threading Intel® IPP Image Resize with Intel® TBB.pdf (157.18 KB) :Download Now   Introduction The Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) library provides a wide variety of vectorized signal and image processing functions. Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) adds simpl...
5:01 PM PDT
9-Patch Images for Android* Splash Screens
Por Anusha Muthiah (Intel)Publicado em 04/06/20150
The source code for this sample can be found here:, or download the Intel® XDK to check out all the HTML5 Samples. This sample demonstrates how to use 9-patch PNG images for Android* splash screens within Intel XDK. Developers must keep in...
11:12 PM PST
Beatbuddy, an Indie Game, Expands with New Technologies
Por Colleen Culbertson (Intel)Publicado em 02/26/20150
Introduction How does an indie game development company stay current and expand their market? Let’s look at multi-award winning indie game company Threaks, creators of BeatBuddy, and talk to Co-CEO Wolf Lang to see how they are navigating the game development world.  From Student to Indie Proje...
2:39 PM PDT
Sierpiński Carpet in OpenCL 2.0
Por Robert I. (Intel)Publicado em 10/29/20140
We demonstrate how to create a Sierpinski Carpet in OpenCL 2.0 Prerequisites:       A laptop or a workstation with the 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor OpenCL™ Drivers and Runtimes for Intel® Architectu...
12:03 PM PDT
Efficient Order-Independent Transparency on Android* Using Fragment Shader Ordering
Por Leigh Davies (Intel)Publicado em 10/28/20140
Download Sample Code ZIPfile Introduction This sample demonstrates the use of the extension GL_INTEL_fragment_shader_ordering, which is written against the OpenGL* 4.4 core profile and GLES 3.1 specifications. The minimum OpenGL version required is 4.2 or ARB_shader_image_load_store. The extens...
7:42 AM PDT
Intel® System Studio: Samples and Tutorials
Por Hans Pabst (Intel)Publicado em 10/20/20140
Collection of Code Samples and Tutorials for Intel® System Studio.
11:42 AM PDT
GPU-Quicksort in OpenCL 2.0: Nested Parallelism and Work-Group Scan Functions
Por Robert I. (Intel)Publicado em 09/29/20140
Introduction A Brief History of Quicksort A Brief Introduction to GPU-Quicksort GPU-Quicksort in OpenCL 1.2 Converting GPU-Quicksort to OpenCL 2.0 Tutorial Requirements Running the Tutorial Conclusion References About the Author Download Code Introduction This tutorial shows how to use...
10:32 AM PDT
Deferred Rendering for OpenGL* ES3.0 on Android*
Por Kyle Weicht (Intel)Publicado em 06/30/20140
This article outlines how you can efficiently implement rendering techniques on mobile devices using OpenGL* ES such as: forward rendering, deferred lighting (light pre-pass) and deferred shading.
10:29 AM PDT
Tessellation for OpenGL ES 3.1 on Android
Por Kyle Weicht (Intel)Publicado em 06/30/20142
This article explains tessellation, how to enable and make best use of this technique within OpenGL graphics.
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