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7:21 PM PDT
Android* Texture Compression - a comparison study with code sample
Por CRISTIANO F. (Intel)Publicado em 05/29/20142
This sample demonstrates how to load and use various texture formats with OpenGL ES* on Android.
6:51 PM PDT
OpenGL* ES 3.0 Precompiled Shaders
Por CRISTIANO F. (Intel)Publicado em 05/29/20140
Another great Android OpenGL ES 3.0 sample from Cristiano Ferreira - Graphics Software Engineer with Intel Corporation. Programmatically compiling all shaders the first time an application is run and saving the binaries for reuse can significantly reduce load times for games in subsequent runs. ...
6:33 PM PDT
OpenGL* ES 3.0 Instanced Rendering
Por CRISTIANO F. (Intel)Publicado em 05/29/20142
This Android OpenGL ES 3.0 Sample was written by Cristiano Ferreira - Software Engineer at Intel Corporation. By batch-rendering multiple versions of the same mesh, instanced rendering can help developers using OpenGL* ES 3.0 and later dramatically improve performance and resource efficiency. Th...
1:41 AM PDT
How to use Intel Cilk Plus extension, to speed up your Android application with threading features
Por shenghong-geng (Intel)Publicado em 05/28/20140
Intel Cilk Plus is an important language extension of Intel Compiler, to help you implement multiple-threading easily and fast, to improve your application's performance on multi-core systems. While more and more cores on Android devices, it is also more important to efficiently use the multi-cor...
9:03 AM PDT
Tutorial: Getting Started with OpenCL™ on Android* OS
Por Esther Lederer (Intel)Publicado em 05/16/20140
Download Code SampleDownload Documentation OpenCL™ Basic Tutorial for Android* OS provides guidelines on using OpenCL in Android applications. The tutorial is an interactive image processing Android application. The main focus for the tutorial is to show how to use OpenCL in an Android applicat...
12:13 PM PDT
Using the Intel GPA System Analyzer to Improve Android* Apps
Por Praveen K. (Intel)Publicado em 03/31/20140
Download Sample Code (ZIP) Mobile applications can behave differently between emulator and device and, as an app grows more and more complex, debugging performance bottlenecks can become extremely difficult. The GPA System Analyzer, part of the Intel® INDE, is a tool that can help diagnose a var...
1:47 PM PST
Sample Code: Random Number Application
Por Christopher Bird (Intel)Publicado em 01/20/20140
A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a utility or device of some type that produces a sequence of numbers on an interval such that values appear unpredictable. An RNG is an indispensable component of information security applications. In fact, a cryptographic protocol may have considerable robustne...
3:39 PM PST
Sample Code: One Time Password (OTP) Demo
Por PENG W. (Intel)Publicado em 01/17/20144
Traditionally, two-factor authentication uses a one-time password (OTP), which combines something the user knows (a username and password) and something the user has (typically, a token or key fob that produces a six-digit number, valid only for a short period of time and available on demand). If...
3:38 PM PST
Sample Code: Data Encryption Application
Por Christopher Bird (Intel)Publicado em 01/17/20142
Encryption is important because it allows you to securely protect data that you don't want anyone else to have access to. Encryption has been a trending topic in the security community. As more mobile devices store valuable information than ever before, encryption has become crucial to ensure inf...
9:15 AM PST
Sample Code: Media Sample for Android* Basic Media Player
Por Liu, Mark (Intel)Publicado em 01/14/20140
By Mark Liu Media Sample – Android* Basic Media Player This sample demonstrates the basic interfaces available within Android that allow developers to playback various locally stored media files. It takes advantage of the VideoView and MediaController interfaces. VideoView enables the display o...
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