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8:38 AM PST
Code Sample: Media Sample for Android* Basic Touch Media Player
Por LANA L. (Intel)Publicado em 01/14/20140
By Lana Lindberg Media Sample – Android* Basic Touch Media Player This sample demonstrates the basic interfaces available within Android that allow developers to playback various locally stored media files. It also illustrates a basic approach to add touch capabilities to an application that al...
4:07 PM PST
Sample Code: Media Sample for Android* Advanced Media Player
Por Dmitry RizshkovPublicado em 01/13/20140
By Dmitry Rizshkov Media Sample – Android* Advanced Media Player This sample demonstrates the more advanced media interfaces that Android developers can take advantage of. For applications requiring more control over the media pipeline, this sample is an excellent starting point. The modularity...
9:09 AM PST
Shadow Mapping Algorithm for Android*
Por Stanislav P. (Intel)Publicado em 12/16/20130
Downloads   Shadow Mapping Algorithm for Android* [PDF 440KB]   "There is no light without shadows" - Japanese proverb Because shadows in games make them more realistic and interesting, including well-rendered shadows in your games is important. Currently, most games do not have shadows, bu...
7:47 AM PST
Sample Application: Data Encryption Whitepaper
Por administrarPublicado em 12/12/20130
Downloads OpenIconPD.txt [331.9 kB]Data_Encryption_App_Abstract.pdf [294 kB]Data_Encryption_App_White_Paper.pdf [393 kB] [3.9 MB]BSD2.0.txt [2.8 kB]CCBY3.0.txt [18 kB] Peng Wang, Atom Software Applications Engineer Application Origination: Intel SSG Data Encryption Code and Explana...
1:51 PM PST
Android* MediaPlayer Sample Code Walkthrough on Intel® Architecture
Por DONG L. (Intel)Publicado em 12/05/20130
Introduction Media playback is becoming one of the most popular usage models on mobile devices. People expect to be able to play common multimedia types on their mobile devices and view video on the go. This document will discuss the basics of creating Android media applications, and provide a s...
9:55 AM PST
Android Code Sample: Battery
Por administrarPublicado em 11/27/20130
Battery.zipBSD2.0.txt Developers many be interested in getting information about the state of the battery on a device. The Battery Manager in *Android provides information that may tell an application whether the device is plugged in to power or not. It can also report the battery's charge level...
12:07 PM PST
Connecting to Google Drive* from an Android* App
Por THOMAS E. (Intel)Publicado em 11/05/20132
This sample demonstrates how to connect to an individual抯 Google Drive* online storage service from an Android application. It shows how to upload a file to Google Drive, determine which files are on the Drive, and download a file.
6:39 AM PST
Sample Codes for Video 3D on Android
Por Liu, Mark (Intel)Publicado em 11/05/20134
This is an Android* application that demonstrates the use of the class MediaCodec. The application creates VideoEngine and AudioEngine classes that make use of the Android MediaCodec class. The VideoEngine and AudioEngine classes demonstrate the dynamic creation of a default decoder, the extracti...
8:39 AM PDT
Media Player High Level Api Sample Codes
Por jeff-horton (Intel)Publicado em 11/01/20130
This is an Android application that demonstrates a basic media player. It makes use of the ViewView Widget and gesture based video playback control. Fazer
1:07 PM PDT
Dual Video Android* Apps Using Intel® WiDi Technology Whitepaper
Por THOMAS E. (Intel)Publicado em 10/30/20130
Download Download DualVideoWidi Code Samples [ZIP 112KB] This sample demonstrates how to use the Presentation class to display video content on an external display using Intel® WiDi technology. It also shows how to use a service to play the content on the external display, thus allowing the vid...
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