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1:26 AM PDT
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library - Introducing Vectorized Compact Routines
Por Gennady F. (Intel)Publicado em 08/14/20170
Introduction          Many high performance computing applications depend on matrix operations performed on large groups of matrices of small sizes. Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2018 and later versions provide new compact routines that include optimizations for problems of this type. ...
11:53 PM PDT
Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library - Decision Trees
Por Gennady F. (Intel)Publicado em 08/13/20170
Introduction Decision trees method is one of most popular approaches in machine learning. They can easily be used to solve different classification and regression tasks. Often, decision trees endear by their universality and by the fact that the model obtained by learning the decision tree is ea...
11:18 PM PDT
LZO data compression functions and improvements in Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
Por JON J K. (Intel)Publicado em 08/10/20170
Introduction In this document, we describe Intel IPP data compression functions, that implement the LZO (Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer) compressed data format. This format and algorithm use 64KB compression dictionary and do not require additional memory for decompression. (See original code of the LZO l...
2:46 PM PDT
The Inside Scoop on How We Accelerated NumPy Umath Functions
Por Andres G. (Intel)Publicado em 08/10/20170
NumPy UMath Optimizations One of the great benefits found in our Intel® Distribution for Python is the performance boost gained from leveraging SIMD and multithreading in (select) NumPy’s UMath arithmetic and transcendental operations, on a range of Intel CPUs, from Intel® Core™ to Intel® Xeon™ ...
3:10 PM PDT
PIN Errors in 2017 and 2018 Analysis Tools
Por Alex S. (Intel)Publicado em 07/28/20170
Problem: As of July 28th, 2017, we have been receiving many reports of people who have been having problems with the analysis tools (Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, Advisor, and Inspector) as a result of a problem with PIN, the tool they use to instrument software. PIN problems can produce several typ...
7:47 AM PDT
Intel® Software Development tools integration to Microsoft* Visual Studio 2017 issues
Por Igor V. (Intel)Publicado em 07/26/20170
We received customer reports regarding Intel Parallel Studio 2017 and 2018 installation or integration issues with Visual Studio 2017 update 3. The following known issues have been identified and corresponding workarounds are provided. We are working on getting appropriate fixes. The root cause i...
12:40 PM PDT
How to find the host ID for floating licenses
Por administrarPublicado em 07/24/20173
Procedure to find the Host Name and Host ID for Floating licenses
7:35 AM PDT
OpenMP* 5.0 support in Intel® Compiler 18.0
Por Igor V. (Intel)Publicado em 07/24/20170
OpenMP 5.0 is the next version of the OpenMP specification which should be officially released in 2018. The release of Technical Report 4 as a preview for the future OpenMP 5.0 API is available and describes language features. Intel compilers version 18.0 support reductions amongst tasks which is...
1:32 AM PDT
Solve SVD problem for sparse matrix with Intel Math Kernel Library
Por Gennady F. (Intel)Publicado em 07/10/20170
    Introduction :     Intel(R) MKL presents new parallel solution for large sparse SVD problem. Functionality is based on subspace iteration method combined with recent techniques that estimate eigenvalue counts [1]. The idea of underlying algorithm is to split the interval that contains all si...
9:17 PM PDT
Cannot Connect to Intel® Flexlm* License Server Due to Firewall
Por Chen, Yuan (Intel)Publicado em 07/03/20170
This article will talk about how to connect to Intel® Flexlm* license server when Firewall is enabled.
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