A New Option in Multimedia

CyberLink Optimizes Director Suite* with Intel® Quick Sync Video

“It’s not 20 percent more,” claimed Wayne Liu, director of business development and OEM accounts, Cyberlink. “It’s on the order of 600 percent more.” Cyberlink, the 700-strong software maker, headquartered in Taipei and publicly traded in Taiwan, consists mostly of engineers. In such an environment, where PhDs roam the hallways and every last drop of performance is wrung from the current technology, seeing a such a large performance gain is startling.

That’s just what CyberLink found with Intel® Quick Sync video and the CyberLink Director Suite*—a cutting-edge collection of video, photo, audio, color creation, editing, and playback software that includes industry-leading heavyweights PowerDVD* and PowerDirector*.

As Liu explained, “You might have a collection of files to start with: AVI, MP2, and maybe MP3. When you have finished editing each clip, you need to transcode, which means transferring everything into a common format such as MP4. PowerDirector is perfect for that. But if you don’t have Intel Quick Sync Video, it takes a very long time to transcode.“

CyberLink leveraged Intel Quick Sync Video, a new video encoding and decoding technology built into the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor family. This optimization transformed CyberLink PowerDVD, YouCam*, and Director Suite (which includes PowerDirector, PhotoDirector*, ColorDirector*, and AudioDirector*).

Multimedia processing requires a lot of computing power—Intel 3rd generation Core™ processors with Intel® Quick Sync Video makes it possible.”

—Wayne Liu, Director of Business Development and OEM Accounts, Cyberlink

The result is a fantastic user experience for consumers and enthusiasts; both PCs and Ultrabook™ devices equipped with Intel® Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 processors show tremendous power to render CyberLink apps with an incredible level of speed and quality.

CyberLink Director Suite includes PowerDirector Mobile, a Microsoft Windows* 8 Store app that runs on tablet PCs and Ultrabook devices. Even these mobile devices, when equipped with Intel Quick Sync Video on Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, can handle high-definition video and ultra-high-resolution 4k content as smoothly as a desktop PC.

Working with multimedia files on mobile devices is notoriously difficult and slow. Not so with PowerDirector Mobile, which delivers a streamlined content creation and sharing workflow between itself and the PowerDirector desktop. And to accommodate Windows 8 touch-based interaction, PowerDirector Mobile, PowerDVD Mobile, and YouCam all feature easy-to-use preset templates for quickly creating content.

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