Academic Community Curriculum Development Workshop

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On June 25th and 26th, Izmir Institute of Technology sponsored a multicore programming workshop presented by Intel’s Selwyn You. The goal of the workshop was to preview the newest courseware from the Intel Academic Community and to get feedback from Izmir universities. The workshop format, proposed and sponsored by Dr. Ahmet KOLTUKSUZ, specifically allowed time for the attendees (8 professors and 22 graduate students) to review the course material. Faculty world wide will be the real benefactor from this workshop as the feedback from the Izmir professors will be integrated into the course material and made available on Intel’s Academic community.

The workshop key learning’s will probably seem quite obvious to most faculty who teach undergraduate students on a daily basis, however it is always good to say the obvious yet again.

1. When presenting any complex concept or difficult theory, where understanding is very important, the concept should always be taught visually, illustrate with a picture or diagram to make sure the concept is clearly understood. Students grasp the subject quicker if key points are explained using animation, pictures or drawings.

2. Quiz/test questions should be available with each key point or session to refresh the audience memory and summarize covered topics.

3. Provide a Practical guide (methodology, steps) or examples in addition to the basics covered.

4. Easy use tools will be helpful in illustration or explanation. Candidates include Microsoft's Thread Level Parallelism, OpenMP, Intel TBB (Threading Buliding Bocks) and enhanced MPI (Message Passing Interface).

5. Provide comparisons between known programming models and the new model (for example OpenMP, MPI and TBB ) so that students can understand why one is better than the others.

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