Ahoy Games Releases Okey Pro for Intel® AtomTM Tablets for Android*

Android* tablet users can now access an old-world game in a whole new way.

Ahoy Games is pleased to announce that Okey Pro, the fun-filled interactive board game is now compatible with Intel® AtomTM tablets for Android*.  This entertaining strategy game allows users to play with their friends from wherever they are. 

Okey Pro is based on an old Turkish game played with virtual, numbered tiles.  Each player receives the same number of tiles and lays down “sets,” or groupings of consecutive numbers or like numbers. Players must make careful decisions based on the tiles that their opponents have already laid down, and the first player to incorporate all their tiles into sets, wins!

With the latest optimization for Android* tablets, Okey Pro has improved to include eye-catching graphics and smooth touch-and-drag action.  The social interface adds players’ pictures to the board game so it is easy to see who has the next move.  Gamers even have a betting feature with virtual coins so they can wager against each other.  The Intel® Developer Zone offered assistance to the optimization process so Okey Pro is seamlessly compatible with Android* tablets.

“Okey Pro is a beloved board game that has improved upon an old Turkish tradition,” says Deniz Piri, CEO of Ahoy Games. “The virtual tiles and stylish board game look fantastic on the Android* tablet’s high definition screen.  The versatility and portability of the Android* tablet make Okey Pro available to players and their friends everywhere.”

About Ahoy Games:

Ahoy Games is a software and application developer based in Poland.

For more about Ahoy Games visit: www.ahoy-games.com

About the Intel Developer Zone

The Intel Developer Zone supports independent developers and software companies of all sizes and skill levels with technical communities, go-to-market resources and business opportunities. For more information, visit: https://software.intel.com/

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