Alchemy Classic Premium by NIAsoft

The basic elements of nature – fire, air, water and earth – are the basis for diversity on the planet. Yet building a robot from these elements is certainly challenging.

But with Alchemy Classic Premium on Ultrabook™ devices, building a robot, animals, insects, flying dinosaurs, batteries and more based on the core elements is a fun and challenging endeavor. This entertaining and mentally stimulating game allows players to explore and build their own surroundings by combining nearly 500 different elements. 

As an Intel® Software Partner, NIAsoft was able to access tools, code and support to help optimize Alchemy Classic Premium for the unique capabilities of Ultrabook devices. Players utilize the touch screen of Ultrabook systems to touch, drag and mix elements while they move up the evolutionary chain. Plus, the Intel® Core™ processors in Ultrabook devices provide a fluid and fast gaming experience.

“Having access to development tools helped us to create a more fun and interactive game with an intuitive user interface,” said Nikolay Cholakov, sole developer at NIAsoft . “Players get hours of fun as they learn and discover new elements as explorers and creators.”

Nikolay worked closely with Intel developers and engineers during the design process to ensure he created the best code possible for the capabilities of Ultrabook devices. He also received inspiration in the communities within the Intel® Developer Zone. “Intel’s assistance was very helpful during the design process of Alchemy Classic Premium,” noted Nikolay.

With the extensive development support from Intel and the new opportunities presented from the Ultrabook systems, NIAsoft is currently considering new apps on Intel® architecture. “The touch and keyboard capabilities, high resolution graphics and powerful processing foundation make Ultrabook devices compelling platforms for game development,” Nikolay stated.

Nikolay Cholakov is the founder and sole developer of NIAsoft, who gained permission to re-make of the original Alchemy Game by Christian Steinruecken. He is passionate about creating apps that are fun, challenging and mentally stimulating. For more information, visit:

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