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11:00 AM PST
Principais razões de porque você deveria investir do desenvolvimento de aplicativos móveis.
Por Daniel KaufmanPublicado em 11/11/20160
Daniel KaufmanCo-fundador na Brooklyn Labs Com aplicativos móveis feitos para SOs móveis como Android, Apple e outros, você pode estabelecer visibilidade e confiabilidade junto a um grande número de clientes atuais e potenciais. Muitos clientes agora exigem uma empresa ou marca para ter como seu...
5:10 PM PDT
Using LibRealSense and OpenCV to stream RGB and Depth Data
Por Rick Blacker (Intel)Publicado em 10/20/20160
This article shows you how you can use LibRealSense and OpenCV to stream RGB and depth data. In the end you will have a nice starting point where you use this code base to build upon to create your own LibRealSense / OpenCV applications.
1:46 PM PDT
Creating a B2B App for Enterprise: Start from Pain Points
Por Niven S. (Intel)Publicado em 10/19/20160
In our last article, we started talking about B2B, and specifically, how to market a B2B app for small business. But what if your sights are set on bigger businesses or corporations? Before you do anything else, you'll need to understand the pain points of two sets of customers. Once you've don...
12:00 AM PDT
Intel® IoT Gateway Developer Hub and Software Suite/Pro Software Suite Release Notes ARCHIVE
Por Deanne Deuermeyer (Intel)Publicado em 10/19/20160
Use this ZIP file to access each available version of the release notes for the Intel® IoT Gateway Developer Hub, Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite, and Intel® IoT Gateway Pro Software Suite, beginning with production version through the currently released version. The release notes incl...
12:00 AM PDT
Intel® IoT Gateway Developer Hub and Software Suite/Pro Software Suite Release Notes
Por Deanne Deuermeyer (Intel)Publicado em 10/19/20160
This is the latest release notes for the Intel® IoT Gateway Developer Hub, Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite, and Intel® IoT Gateway Pro Software Suite. 
8:16 AM PDT
The New Issue of The Parallel Universe is Out: Modernize Your Code for Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors
Por Sally SamsPublicado em 10/18/20160
Are you ready for the future of programming? High-performance computing is changing fast, with trends like machine learning and next-generation hardware like the Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor. To help developers maximize the possibilities, Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 delivers a host of new capab...
4:30 PM PDT
Smarter Security Camera: A POC Using the Intel® IoT Gateway
Por Whitney F. (Intel)Publicado em 10/17/20160
Intro Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling our lives in new and interesting ways, but with that comes the challenge of analyzing and bringing meaning to the stream of continuously generated data. One IoT trend in the home is the use of multiple security cameras for monitoring purposes, resulting...
9:30 AM PDT
Performance Analysis and Optimization for PC-Based VR Applications: From the CPU’s Perspective
Por MAN LAN W.Publicado em 10/17/20160
Download Now (PDF 1.61MB) Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more and more popular these days as technology advancement following Moore’s Law continues to make this brand new experience technically possible. While VR brings a fantastic immersive experience to users, it also puts significantly grea...
2:00 PM PDT
Hybrid Parallelism: A MiniFE* Case Study
Por David M.Publicado em 10/13/20160
This case study examines the situation where the problem decomposition is the same for threading as it is for Message Passing Interface* (MPI); that is, the threading parallelism is elevated to the same level as MPI parallelism.
11:47 AM PDT
Intel® XDK FAQs - Debug & Test
Por Anusha M. (Intel)Publicado em 10/12/20160
Provides FAQs related to debugging and testing Intel® XDK apps, such as how to test on device using wifi, use Intel App Preview, limitations of Intel XDK emulator, and debugging applications with third-party Cordova* plugins. It also covers creating custom debug modules and device detection in th...
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