Intel® IoT Developer Program Expands for Commercial Solutions

Announcing the expansion of the Intel® IoT Developer Program to include hardware, software, tools, and resources for commercial development!  Professional developers can use these resources to take innovative ideas from prototype to production.  Optimized for IoT, these tools offer the flexibility, scalability, and performance developers need to rapidly evaluate ideas and minimize challenges associated with production.  The new addition provides developer kits, software, knowledge, and technical support for professionals to prototype and deploy commercial IoT solutions.  Start prototyping today using the Intel® IoT Gateway Development Kits. 

The features of the kit include:

  • Fully-configured compute board with wireless communication, security software, operating system, and development tools.
  • I/O, cellular, and Wi-Fi* connections simplify communications from sensors and controllers to data centers and the cloud.
  • Wind River Linux* 5 OS, Wind River Intelligent Device Platform* XT, and Wind River Workbench* development environment and board support package with perpetual licensing.
  • McAfee Embedded Control* maximizes security by dynamically monitoring and managing whitelists.

To learn more about the kits and how to get started visit


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