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Intel makes it easy for gaming developers to accelerate the design, development, and deployment of gaming solutions using the latest software tools and development systems.

Advances in Multi-Threaded Application Performance
Game developers gain more than just performance from multi-threading - they also gain capabilities to expand innovation in next-generation game design for richer, more immersive end user experiences. Multi-threaded application design represents the true future of gaming, both for the PC and other gaming platforms. Well-designed, multi-threaded applications:

  • Increase realism in games with enhanced physics and artificial intelligence
  • Enable more content-rich game play
  • Generate faster frame rates and smoother animation
  • Streamline operations that are integral to successful game design


What developers are saying about multi-core processing.

Threading for Multi-Core Developer Community

Game Demo: Try your hand at our RoboHordes game demo [ZIP 227 MB], developed for multi-core. The next generation of game play is here.

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  • Intel® Software Partner Program
    The games of the future are being developed today. Start development early through the Intel Software Partner Program and you'll benefit from:
    • Development resources
    • Marketing and sales opportunities
    • Working relationship with Intel Corporation
    Visit Intel Software Partner Program for more information and to sign up for developer opportunities.



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