Case Studies - Intel® Concurrency Checker

Discover how software developers and software companies are using the Intel® Concurrency Checker to help assess the level of concurrency of their applications that they have developed for multi-core systems.  The fast, easy and free Intel Concurrency Checker measures the level of concurrency their software has and provides the developer with information to help their programming efforts.  Read the case studies below to see how software professionals are using the Intel Concurrency Checker in their successful parallel programming efforts for Multi-core clients and servers.

The Wild West Approach to Better Concurrency:
Emotional Robots Takes the Parallel Path

As the Emotional Robots development team readies the futuristic wild west, Warm Gun*, a multiplayer game for release, the developers look for ways to improve the performance and enhance the concurrency to gain optimal performance on today's multi-core platforms. Read how the Intel® Concurrency Checker provided an assessment of the parallelism of the game code and inspired the team to take the next steps to optimize and parallelize the code.

Accelerating Parallel Performance:
Pervasive DataRush* Taps Cores Effectively
Effective use of parallelism is at the heart of the Pervasive DataRush SDK, which allows developers to rapidly construct and deploy data-mining applications that scale to massive levels. Learn how Pervasive developers used the Intel® Concurrency Checker to gauge the degree of concurrency achieved and Intel® VTune Performance Analyzer to tune and optimize the code to successfully produced software that enables near-linear scaling as the number of cores increases.

Geschickten's GenoicsCloud Solution Exploits Multi-Core Potential to the Max:

Delivering HPC On Demand to the Biosciences Community
The Geschickten GenomicsCloud solution delivers software as a service (SaaS) by means of an HPC infrastructure tailored to sophisticated bioinformatics analysis. This on-demand service provides access to efficient, cost-effective computational resources well suited to many high-volume data analysis projects.  Learn how Geschickten assessed the degree of concurrency in the DNASeq module of the GenomicsCloud suite, by using the Intel® Concurrency Checker.

Seer Trading Capitalizes on Concurrency:
Enhanced Parallelism Accelerates Complex Analyses
Statistical analysis and data modeling in quantitative finance software applications require capabilities that push the boundaries of conventional computing solutions.  As part of the development process to release a new version of Seer Trading's upcoming product, the team used Intel® Concurrency Checker to measure several iterations of their code, substantially increasing the level of processor core utilization with each successive coding cycle.

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