Diagnostic 10149: option '-cxxlib-gcc' not supported with the current installed GCC

When compiling with the Intel® Compilers on Linux*, the error message: "Diagnostic 10149: option '-cxxlib-gcc' not supported with the current installed GCC" is an indication that some inconsistency exists in g++ installation.

The compiler driver performs a series of checks to make sure the compiler will be able to use the installed gcc and if errors are found this error is given.


There are many causes of this error, all related to improper installation of g++. Here are some based on our experience.

1) Your gcc and g++ versions are not in sync. Try gcc --version and g++ --version to compare them.
2) The gcc and g++ have different search directories for libraries. Try gcc --print-search-dirs and g++ --print-search-dirs
3) Permissions for g++ may not allow access for the compiler user account.

No solution is currently available. (A better diagnostic may be available in future compilers).

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