Intel® Cloud Services Platform beta - Commerce Services


The Intel® Cloud Services Platform beta is a set of services that provides key capabilities such as billing, location, and runtime management to end users, other Intel services, and developers. Critical to developers’ success on the platform is the ability to create and update orders, process payments, and view transaction history of an account. While this idea seems very basic, complex payment processes impact the end-user experience and can spell success or failure for your app. Shoppers make purchases on trustworthy, easy-to-use web sites. Commerce Services satisfies the needs of shoppers as well as merchants/developers.

What are Intel Commerce Services?

Initially, the Commerce Services API provides secure, flexible functions that support taxation and billing of end consumers (business-to-consumer or B2C) for purchases of products with Intel as the merchant of record (MOR). Commerce Services simplifies payment processing, decreases costs of transactions, and consolidates the operational overhead of a billing system.


Merchants and developers require an easy to use, cost-effective, and secure solution to facilitate processing payments for consumer purchases across all platforms including Ultrabooks™, mobile phones, and computers. Merchants and developers want to focus on producing, marketing, and selling their products rather than the nuances involved in processing payments. Commerce Services provide the technical and operational aspects of such a commerce system. The technical aspects include billing, taxation, and notification of purchases, while the operational aspects include reconciliation, procurement of partners, negotiating rates, as well as satisfying legal and security guidelines.

Cost savings - Commerce Services afford developers cost savings through aggregation of transactions and centralization of operations. Transaction fees are less in larger volumes, and consolidating transactions decreases variable fees. By centralizing the personnel required to investigate new payment types and new potential markets, Intel and partners also realize savings.

Security - Commerce Services provide the high levels of security required for retail systems. Credit card transactions are handled securely by a PCI DSS compliant system.

Reliability - Commerce Services provide the highest levels of uptime to satisfy real-time billing needs. Current uptime is 99.99%


  • Processing orders in EUR, GBP, and USD currencies
  • Orders can be processed in over 50 countries
  • Choices of payment option to keep the fees lower if desired
  • Email notifications sent to users detailing their purchases and refunds
  • Calculation of taxes (both U.S. and European value-added taxes)..
  • Low processing fees

*- Taxes handled for US, European Union and Norway. Business owners are responsible for taxes in all other countries

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