Connecting Software Partners and Hardware Resellers Worldwide: Intel Launches Promotion of Ultrabook™ Enabled Apps

The arrival of the Intel® Ultrabook™ has opened up exciting opportunities for developers of applications optimized for the touch and sensor capabilities of Windows 8* Ultrabook devices. Intel is promoting additional business development opportunities for Intel® Software Partners by connecting enabled apps for Ultrabook™ to its global hardware reseller community (Intel® Technology Providers).      

Intel is hosting the first of a series of online training modules covering Ultrabook-enabled apps available for Intel® Technology Providers in more than 16 languages worldwide. Entitled “Inspire Your Customers with Enabled Apps for Ultrabook™ and Windows* 8”, the reseller community is exposed to nine enabled apps and the Ultrabook Device App Showcase, which offers a collection of apps to help inspire their customers. The training will help resellers fulfill credit required for maintaining their membership in the Intel Technology Provider Program. Resellers are also being encouraged to engage with Software Partners directly to explore bundling opportunities of enabled software.

Ultrabook Apps Being Promoted

In addition to the apps available in the Ultrabook Device App Showcase, Intel is actively promoting numerous apps related to productivity, creativity and gaming in the reseller training module, including:

Apps for Productivity 
Team Viewer* – Online remote desktop control and meeting software
KeyLemon* – Face and speaker recognition for a convenient, secure log-in and protection
Ashampoo Snap 6* – Capture screenshot images and video with audio 

Apps for Creativity
CyberLink PowerDirector* – PC Magazine’s Choice: Consumer video editing
Adobe Photoshop CS6* – Imagining magic used by photographers and designers worldwide
Sony Vegas Pro* – Create professional videos and burn them to DVD/Blu-Ray Discs* 

Apps for Gaming
Blackfoot Blade* – Top-down helicopter combat action* – Premier online racing simulation game
Sid Meier’s Civilization V* – The award winning, critically acclaimed turn-based strategy game

Intel is Dedicated to Building New Opportunities for Software Partners

Broaden your reach with worldwide opportunities through the new Intel® Ultrabook™. Enable your app today.  For more information:

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