Courseware - Network Communication

  • Network standards and standardization bodies
  • The ISO 7-layer reference model in general and its instantiation in TCP/IP
  • Overview of Physical and Data Link layer concepts (framing, error control, flow control, protocols)
  • Data Link layer access control concepts
  • Internetworking and routing (routing algorithms, internetworking, congestion control)
  • Transport layer services (connection establishment, performance issues, flow and error control)

Lab: Red Hat Linux* Embedded OS Kernel for Intel® Atom™ Platform (Embedded Platform Workshop at China Zhejiang Univ.)

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China Shenzhen , Up-Tech

This material is developed for the pioneer workshop held at China Zhejiang University for professors from China's top 26 universities as a part of embedded platform curriculum development initiative, which is to support embedded platform curriculum updates and lab resource development in China.

This lab manual covers 10 practical labs on Intel® Atom™ platform with Redhat Linux Embedded OS kernel 2.4:
Lab 1: Process Build under Linux
Lab 2: Multi-processes communication under Linux
Lab 3: Thread Build under Linux
Lab 4: Multi-threads communication under Linux
Lab 5: Linux network programming: TCP
Lab 6: Linux network programming : UDP
Lab 7: Linux GUI programming : QT installation
Lab 8: Linux GUI programming: QT Command Line programming
Lab 9: Linux GUI programming: Designer programming
Lab 10: Linux Device Driver programming

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Beginning programmers, Undergraduate students




Redhat Linux Embedded OS kernel 2.4, Multiprocesses communication, Designer programming, Linux network programming
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