Diagnostic 15423: loop has only one iteration

Product Version: Intel® Fortran Compiler 15.0 and a later version 


The Intel® Fortran Compiler will not vectorize a loop when it knows the loop has only one iteration. If the user requires vectorization by using a SIMD directive, the compiler emits a warning diagnostic.


An example below will generate the following  remark in optimization report:

subroutine f15423( a, b, n )  
  implicit none
  real, dimension(*) :: a, b
  integer            :: i, n

!$omp simd
  do i=1,n  
     b(i) = 1. - a(i)**2
  end do 
end subroutine f15423

$ ifort -c -qopenmp-simd f15423.f90

f15423.f90(8): (col. 7) remark: simd loop has only one iteration

f15423.f90(8): (col. 7) warning #13379:  was not vectorized with "simd"


If the loop really has only one iteration, don’t use a SIMD directive or don’t code a loop.

If the statement  n=1  was inserted unintentionally, remove it and the loop will vectorize

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