Where can I download Intel® Software License Manager servers?

For customers with a current "counted" product license, Intel® License Manager servers are available from the Intel® Registration Center.

  1. Login to the Intel® Software Development Products Registration Center by entering your Login ID and Password in the Registered Users Login section of the web page. You will see a list of all products you have subscribed.
  2. Choose the product for which you have registered a floating or node-locked license. You will see a list of all components in the product subscription history, including the Intel® Softwarre License Manager. [NOTE:  Expired registrations are shown only if you check the "Show Expired Registrations" check box at the top of the page.]
  3. Choose the Intel® License Manager component by clicking on the More Info link. You will be presented with a drop down list of release versions and the Operating Systems in the minor versions.
  4. Choose the Release Version and Operating System/ Minor Version from the package dropdown menu, at bottom of page. You will be presented with license server file names. [NOTE: To download the Users Guide please choose Users Guide from Minor Version.]
  5. To start download , click on the filename you want to download.




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