How to install the evaluation copy of Intel® Software product

For evaluation, please select the option to "Evaluate this product" during install. No serial number is required for this option. This will allow you to evaluate the product for a full 31 days after installation. See the example image below.

The option to activate the product requires a serial number and is intended for customers with commercial, academic, student or non-commercial versions of the product.

Option 1 and 3 can be used for non-evaluation. For option 3, the installer will ask you to locate the license or you can place the license file "*.lic" in the following directory, making sure not to change the license file name:

On Windows*:
%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\Intel\Licenses

Note: if the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is defined, copy the file to the directory specified by the environment variable, instead.

On Linux*:

/Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses

If you have further questions, please file a support request at Online Service Center You can also submit a request at User forums [NOTE: Please don't submit your serial number information or e-mail address in the User Forum request.]

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