Identity Protection Technology (IPT) Project


Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT) provides a hardware root of trust available through multi-factor authentication solutions. It protects customer’s identity and data and it is available in Ultrabooks, all computers based on 4th gen Intel Core processors, the latest Intel Core vPro, and select previous generations of Intel Core processors.

The course project can be delivered as a lecture with an optional project or homework assignment. The modules in this project can be used to educate students on the importance of strong authentication in Internet access and protected network resources. Instructors can introduce Intel Identity protection technology and demonstrate the authentication strengths of Intel IPT One Time Password (OPT).

Project Experiment

  • Setup a laptop with IPT capability and use IPT OTP to access an online website (e.g. PayPal) that can be configured to use OTP authentication.
  • Measure the performance of Intel OTP.

Supported Environment for the Project Experiment

  • Hardware: Devices with Intel OTP capabilities.
  • Software:  Intel IPT software package and Symantec VIP Access Desktop

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