Implement Intel VT on Digital Office Desktops


Take advantage of Intel® Virtualization Technology at the desktop level in the Digital Office. Today's IT organizations operate in an increasingly dynamic environment, facing unprecedented challenges to reinforce network security, increase PC manageability, and improve user productivity - all while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). To remain effective, IT groups must evolve by continually assessing and implementing new, advanced capabilities.


Consider virtualization to be a mainstream, core technology on end-user PCs and an essential capability for daily workflow. With virtualization, one computer system can function as multiple "virtual" systems. By incorporating Intel® Virtualization Technology in your business, you improve PC security, productivity, and control ultimately decreasing TCO:

  • Enable productivity with full management control over networked PCs though a virtualized IT services partition while end users work uninterrupted in their own dedicated partition.
  • Capitalize on infrastructure investments by enabling users to run multiple operating systems on a single PC, taking advantage of both newer commercial productivity software and older proprietary applications.
  • Protect end-user systems and virtualize a PC's network card to filter network traffic through the firewall in the IT services partition before any malicious code reaches the user partition.
  • Stay in control of managed PCs by installing system management agents in a virtualized environment to keep users from disabling them, keeping you in control.


Intel is creating and leading a collaborative community of hardware manufacturers and software developers to create and validate complete solutions to meet the needs of businesses today. We also collaborate with this extended team to deliver information, resources, and services that help IT organizations worldwide to implement these built-in solutions more easily and use them more effectively.

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Intel® Virtualization Technology: Improving PC Security, Productivity, Control, and Decreasing TCO


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