Intel® C++ project properties may not be updated programatically by Visual Studio* plug-in components

Reference Number : DPD200163858

Version : 12.0

Product : Intel® C++ Composer 2011, Intel® C++ Composer XE 2011

Operating System : Windows*

Problem Description : Some Visual Studio* add-on components may not be able to modify property values for Intel® C++ projects.  For example,  if you convert a Visual Studio* C++ project to compile with the Intel® C++ Compiler, and then run the Intel® AppUp IDE Plug-in for Visual Studio, the AppUp plug-in is unable to update the "Additional Include Directories", the linker's "Additional Libraries Directories" and "Additional Dependencies" properties.

Resolution Status : This issue is under investigation and may be resolved in a future product update.  As a workaround, you can convert the project to build with Visual C++ compiler, run the AppUp plug-in to update the propertry values, and then convert the project to build with Intel C++ Compiler.

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