Intel® Cluster Checker 2.0 – Tips and Tricks

This article shows tips and tricks for Intel® Cluster Checker version 2.0. 

The tool has switched the main cluster-wide benchmark (used as an application proxy) from HPCC to HPL. This allows a faster but still representative check by default, and can be reconfigured for a stress exercise of the system. The binary is available at /opt/intel/clck/2.0/share/xhpl_intel64_dynamic. It runs an Intel(R) optimized version of the High Performance Linpack* (HPL) benchmark, the actual binary is part of the Intel(R) Math Kernel Library package.

The dgemm test module now allows to be configured by a percentage of the available memory instead of matrix size inputs. For instance, to execute the single-node benchmark on 10% of the total available memory, use the following configuration.


     <memory> 10 </memory> <!-- percentage of total available memory to use >>


See the Intel Cluster Checker product documentation for more details.

To download the latest release, log into the Intel® Registration Center and click on the Intel® Cluster Checker product.

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