Intel® Cluster Checker version 1.8 Tips and Tricks

This article shows tips and tricks for Intel® Cluster Checker version 1.8, please check the Intel Cluster Checker version 1.8 New Features and Enhancements article for an overview.

The engine now includes elapsed time information on both the output console and the detailed XML output log. There are two examples below: the first one shows the Total Elapsed Time line and the second one shows how to extract timing information from each individual node from the XML log.

<module version="1.8" name="ping" severity="0" description="Basic Network Connectivity" 
<module version="1.8" name="ssh" severity="0" description="Node SSH Connectivity" 
  <module version="1.8" name="mount_proc" severity="0" description="procfs Filesystem" 
  <module version="1.8" name="genuine_intel" severity="0" description="GenuineIntel 
  processors" elapsed_time="0:00:01">
  <module version="1.8" name="tmp" severity="0" description="Permissions on /tmp"
  <module version="1.8" name="sh" severity="0" description="Bourne Shell"
  <module version="1.8" name="mflops_intel_mkl" severity="1" description="Single-node
  floating point performance (Intel(R) Math Kernel Library)" elapsed_time="0:00:03">

The memory_bandwidth_stream test module now allows input configuration when the on-the-fly compilation option is enabled. To define custom build options use the <build-options> tag as shown below.


Check the product version Release Notes document for in-depth details.

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