Is there an IPP function to detect the processor type?

In Intel IPP, there is a new function named ippGetCpuFeatures() (*) that can be used to detect your processor features. It is declared in ippcore.h. This function retrieves CPU features like those returned by the Linux function CPUID.1 and stores them consecutively in the mask pFeaturesMask. The following table lists features stored in the mask. Mask values are defined in the ippdefs.h file.

Note as of version 2018, the IPP library supports the new Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512( Intel® AVX-512) instruction.



 Please refer to Intel IPP developer reference guide for latest processor.

Note that the legacy IPP function ippGetCpuType() (**) mixed CPU types and SIMD instruction types. Starting with version 6.0 of the library we strongly recommend using this new function ippGetCpuFeatures() to detect the CPU feature.

Optimization Notice

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