Intel Media SDK Tutorial - simple_6_transcode_opaque - async - vppresize – multi

Intel® Media SDK and  2nd (or higher) generation Intel® CoreTM platforms do not only support single HW accelerated media workloads. Using the SDK, developers can take advantage of efficient sharing of the resources provided by the underlying hardware. This allows creation of multi-channel workloads common in such usages as media transcode services or digital signage/video walls (... to name just a few).

The sample builds on the former transcode/resize sample, “simple_5_transcode_opaque – async – vppresize”, and extends it by showing how to execute multi-channel workloads.

This tutorial sample is found in the tutorial samples package under the name "simple_6_transcode_opaque - async - vppresize – multi". The code is extensively documented with inline comments detailing each step required to setup and execute the use case.

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