3.0 Manuals

The Getting Started Guide explains how to use Intel® MPI Library 3.0 to compile and run a simple MPI program. This guide also includes basic usage examples and troubleshooting tips.

iconGetting Started Guide [PDF]
File Name: Getting_Started.pdf
Size: 89,324 bytes
Date: April 2007


The Reference Manual provides you with a complete command and tuning reference for the Intel MPI Library 3.0.

iconReference Manual [PDF]
File Name: Reference_Manual.pdf
Size: 347,643 bytes
Date: April 2007


The Intel® MPI Library extensions to PMI protocol describes modifications required for inclusion in the third party process manager to make it compatible with Intel MPI Library 3.0.

iconIntel® MPI Library Extensions to PMI Protocol [PDF]
File Name: Intel MPI Library Extensions to PMI Protocol.pdf
Size: 65,915 bytes
Date: November 2006

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