Intel® Threading Building Blocks 4.1 Update 3 Readme

Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB)

Intel® TBB is a widely used, award-winning  C++ library for creating high performance, scalable parallel applications. Intel TBB is available as a stand-alone commercial product and as a part of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE, Intel® C++ Studio XE, Intel® Composer XE and Intel® C++ Composer. 

New in 4.1 Update 3

- Binary files for Android* applications were added to the Linux* OS package.
- Binary files for Windows Store* applications were added to the Windows* OS package.
- Exact exception propagation (exception_ptr) support on Linux OS is now turned on by default for GCC 4.4 and higher.
- Stopped implicit use of large memory pages by tbbmalloc (Linux-only). Now use of large pages must be explicitly enabled with scalable_allocation_mode() function or TBB_MALLOC_USE_HUGE_PAGES environment variable.


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