Intel Vectorization Toolkit: 3. Determine Loop Candidates Using Intel Compiler Vec-Report

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Intel Vectorization Toolkit: Step 3. Determine Loop Candidates Using Intel Compiler Vec-Report

The vectorization report (or vec-report) of the Intel Compiler can tell you whether or not each loop in your code was vectorized. Look at the output of the vec-report for the hotspots you determined in Step 2.  If there are loops in your hotspots that did not vectorize, check whether they have math, data processing, or string calculations on data in parallel (for instance in an array).  If they do, they might benefit from vectorization.  Move to step 4 if any candidates are found. 

To run the vec-report, use the "-vec-report2" or "/Qvec-report2" option.

Note that the Intel Compiler can be run on just a portion of the code and will be compatible with the native compilers (gcc on Linux and Mac OS and Microsoft* Visual Studio on Windows*).

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