ivi.ru by ivi.ru Offers Massive Movie Database for New Android* Tablets

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ivi.ru has become the most popular Russian video resource, with more than 70,000 videos available to stream on new Android* tablets.

The Internet now provides countless new places to watch video content. Yet ivi.ru by ivi.ru has emerged as the foremost Russian language video app and website for streaming high-quality, popular video content.

Featured on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*, ivi.ru is the first company in Eastern Europe to sign license agreements with all six major Hollywood Studios. This has helped ivi.ru provide the largest collection of licensed video on the Russian Internet, with more than 70,000 videos. Users of ivi.ru can access a majority of these videos free of charge, without the need to register.

While ivi.ru is available directly through the Internet, ivi.ru also developed the ivi.ru app for new Android* tablets with an Intel Atom processor for convenience and ease of use. As an Intel® Software Partner, ivi.ru accessed Intel tools, code and support to help optimize this popular app for the powerful video capabilities of these tablets. The company also took advantage of the community resources available from the communities in the Intel® Developer Zone.

“Our app is designed specifically to meet the unique capabilities of the devices videos are streamed to,” said Irina Grandel, product and business development director for ivi.ru. “Our partnership with Intel certainly helped us optimize our app during the development process.”

New Android* tablets with an Intel Atom processor feature a high-resolution video display for the best viewing experience. Plus, these powerful tablets have a touch interface for greater interactive control.

“Technology has progressed to where people can watch crystal clear, high definition video right on their portable device,” noted Grandel. “ivi.ru has tapped into this potential by providing thousands of videos on demand, free of charge.”

ivi.ru is the leader of Russian legal online film distribution, providing more than 70,000 videos including feature films, TV series, children’s programming and educational videos and more. For more information visit: ivi.ru

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