MKL VSL example for grouppooledcovariance (vsldgrouppooledcovariance.f) failed with PGI threading layer.

Problem Description:

Grouppooledcovariance example crashs with segmentation fault with PGI threading layer on all platforms due to error in PGI support of OpenMP order clause.

We can see this example “vsldgrouppooledcovariance.f” into the following directory MKL_ROOT>\examples\vslf\source\". This example shows how to calculates of group/poopled covariances.

 The issue number is DPD2002622493

 Root Cause:

PGI introduced the error in PGCC 10.x in pgcc 10.x and the problem is reproduced with the following PGS’s versions: 10.8, 11.3 and 12.8. The problem has been reported to PGI Team and the problem was confirmed by PGI team.

 Customer Impact:

Customer is not able to use pooled/grouped Covariance routines with PGI threading layer  (vslssseditpooledcovariance, vsldsseditpooledcovariance)

Working around of the problem:

Customer can use sequential threading layer instead of threading one with PGI compiler to reuse pooled/grouped Covariance routines.

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