New Apps Take Advantage of the Powerful Capabilities of Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*

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Water Drop simulates water’s ripple effect over custom photo screens.

New Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android* are providing a superior user experience with a higher level of performance, extraordinary battery life and vibrant high-definition visuals. New Atom processors offer a lightning-fast application load times and Web browsing, use less power for a longer battery life and power stunning visuals.

These and other features of are giving developers compelling reasons to create new apps that make using new Android* tablets highly engaging, entertaining and interactive.

More than 70,000 Videos Featured with

The app by Media Ltd. on new Android* tablets provides the largest collection of licensed video on the Russian Internet, with more than 70,000 videos. Russian language users can enjoy the high-resolution display to watch films from all six major Hollywood Studios, Russian films, children’s programming and much more.

Enhance the eBook Experience with KITABOO* eBook Reader App

For readers on new Android* tablets, KITABOO* eBook reader app enhances the eReading experience. It provides rich reading features including support for multiple formats, annotation features including text, audio and video notes and much more. The powerful search feature allows users to search for content both within the book and in the entire library of books.

Search, Find and Download Torrent Files Easily with tTorrent

tTorrent by 3D Magic LLC is another compelling app that provides an easy way to search, find and download torrents and their associated fi les, then enjoy them on new Android* tablets. It features a powerful search feature based on the Transdroid Search plugin that searches numerous torrent sites. Once a torrent is selected, tTorrent automatically downloads fi les in the background.

These and other apps provide a powerful and enjoyable experience on new Intel Atom tablets for Android*. Developers are continuing to work with Intel to produce new apps that take advantage of the performance, interactivity and stunning visual displays featured on Android* tablets.

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