Open Source - China Standard Software Company

The China Standard Software Company (CS2C) collaborates on research, development, and joint marketing with Intel. With offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, CS2C produces NeoKylin Linux Desktop Series, NeoKylin Linux Server Series, NeoShine Office Suite, and NeoLite Mobile Series products. These products deliver excellent results on Intel® platforms, with a large installed base in government and the financial services, energy, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.


CS2C Among Tablet OS Vendors Pledging to Use MeeGo* v1.2
China Standard Software Company is among the first vendors that will deliver tablet operating systems that will feature user interfaces based on the latest version of the MeeGo* common code base, MeeGo v1.2.

CS2C Releases Tablet Solution Based on MeeGo
This release, optimized for the Intel® Atom™ Processor will accelerate technical innovation.

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