Poulsbo Chipset

Code name for low-power chipset for mobile Internet devices. Used with Silverthorne in Intel® Centrino® Atom™ processor technology based machines.

Part of the Menlow platform. Poulsbo includes 3D graphics, HD video playback (720p and 1080i content) and the memory controller.


Poulsbo is considered the code name for low-power chipset for mobile Internet devices. Mobile Internet Devices will have WiFi and WiMAX without dramatically reducing battery life.The chip makers are putting an effort to develop a version of the Mozilla Web browser using a touch-based interface that would be used on MIDs. Femtocell,is a miniature base station about the size of a backpack or even a desktop modem , may also be used . Mobile Internet Devices aims at open-source operating system with improved power management. Using MID you can connect when and where you need. It can been used in extended application and you can access personalized information based on your location, like the nearest restaurants, homes for sale, and a lot more with an inbuilt GPS technology.MID latest generation of small, powerful, highly portable Internet-connected devices combines many great capabilities.MID offers a great convenience of a small pocket-sized solution for all your internet surf related problems. MID can be used on-the-go,whenever and wherever you want to use. Mobile Internet Device will allow you to connect, entertain, stay informed , stay tuned and to be productive wherever you go. MID will provide you with an amazing Internet experience.Web Browsing will attain new heights with this technology. Linux is also going to gain from Intel MID by Mobile and Internet Linux Projects . Ubuntu , Moblin with Intel also aims at full Internet access, with no compromises ever .

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