Power Metrics for Data Centers

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When evaluating the performance of a data center, it helps to quantify such aspects as the power consumption efficiency. These metrics enable energy and power consumption bench marking and provide a foundation for plans to reduce consumption and improve operations. Keeping a data center energy efficient is an ongoing process. Proper power measurements of the overall data center, including both IT equipment and infrastructure, determine Power Use Effectiveness (PUE) and Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) ratios. Calculating a data center's energy efficiency rating enables IT managers to evaluate how efficient one facility is when compared with other data centers around the world. In addition to PUE and DCiE, there are other metrics that can also help in profiling a data center for energy efficiency improvements. Some of the most useful benchmarks and metrics are provided in this article along with descriptions to help IT managers identify the ones that best fit their organization usage, the mechanics of cooling, and other related topics.
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