Sample Application: Wi-Fi* Connect Manager

Provide a Windows* 8 Sample that uses the Windows.Networking.Connectivity API. The Sample app communicates to the Wireless Network such data as connection type, connection speed, and connection data bytes as well as connection availability. This sample app will have four communication tools built into one. Using Microsoft’s examples of how to build a connected application, this sample will allow developers to see how they can call functions that will query different components of the wireless connection service and make that data available as output to the screen or be broadcast to the Connected Application framework.

Download Source Code

Windows* 8 Wi-Fi* Connect Manager Sample Demo

Intel sample sources are provided to users under the Intel Sample Source Code License Agreement.

About the Author
Raj Puran works as Application Engineer in Intel’s Personal Form Factor team focused on Software Development support for Intel based phones and tablets. Over the past year Raj has been focused on supporting both communication and media applications on tablet and phone form factors. His main focus is on wireless, video processing and content creation technologies for mobile platforms.

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