Setting H.264 encoding parameters in Intel IPP media processing samples

Intel® IPP media processing samples provide both encoding parameter files and H264EncoderParams class to allow users to set encoding parameters for H.264 encoders.

UMC::H264EncoderParams class has method "ReadParamFile". Using this function, users can read H.264 the parameters from configuration text file. Please check \audio-video-codecs\codec\h264_enc\readme.htm to understand each field of H.264 parameter files.

Users can also change UMC::H264EncoderParams class to change H.264 encoding parameters. To learn UMC::H264EncoderParams class members, please check UMC manual document (\audio-video-codecs\doc\umc-manual.pdf), Chapter 4, "Derived Classes", "UMC::H264VideoEncoder" part.

Depending on the video content, some encoding parameters(e.g number of B frames, num_ref_frames, subblock split, Cabac setting) will impact the performance and quality on targeted bit rate. Users need to balance between speed and video quality according to their application requirement.

The following are two example configuration files. One is target for encoding performance, and the other is for video qualities.

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