TXT/Trusted Boot (TXT/TB) Project


Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) provides hardware-based security technologies to help build a solid foundation for security starting from system power on. It helps build chain of trust starting from CPU. It works by:

  • Creating a Measured Launch Environment (MLE) that enables an accurate comparison of all the critical elements of the launch environment against a known good source.
  • Creating a cryptographically unique identifier for each approved launch-enabled component and then provides hardware-based enforcement mechanisms to block the launch of code that does not match approved code.
  • Providing the foundation on which trusted platform solutions can be built to protect against the software-based attacks that threaten integrity, confidentiality, reliability, and availability of systems.

Project Experiment

  • Intel TXT enabling - Students can follow specific instructions to enable/disable the TXT feature.
  • Tboot for OS/hypervisor - Download Tboot and try to set up an attestation server to attest a client with TPM.

Supported Environment for the Project Experiment

  • PC platform (CPU, chipset, BIOS, etc.) that supports TXT
  • Linux distribution that supports Tboot.

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