Ultimate Coder 2, Week 7 :: Wrapping Up and Sucking Up to Nicole

Decisions, decisions...

As the final post we really need to drill down on several things, explain how they effect the final product and that's likely to make an atypically long, and potentially boring post of pain and suffering...sorry Judges. But you should perhaps thank Nicole who clearly drove us to this. :)

Ultimate Coder Challenge: Sixense Studios - Final Week

Is this really the final blog?  It’s chip reporting in once again, and I can’t believe how quickly these eight weeks have gone by.  It’s amazing to see how much the Ultimate Coders have been able to accomplish in such a short time.  And that is truly an appropriate name: “Ultimate Coders”.  I’m shocked, humbled, and inspired by the work these teams have been able to accomplish. We’re certainly proud of what our team has put together, and I hope you all are too. 

Ultimate Coder Challenge Week 7 : Lee Going Perceptual : Final Week

Swan Song

Well folks, this final blog pretty much wraps up my entry into the Ultimate Coder Challenge, and I hope you found it interesting and inspiring. The last seven weeks have seen some very late nights, some triumphs and a fair few setbacks on a quest to build a Perceptual Computing app.

Ultimate Coder Week 7- The quest for a good night's sleep

As this is the final post, I'm not going to be showing code here. What I've been concentrating on since last week is tightening up on the application, testing it, and coping with those funny little niggles. I thought, instead, that I'd talk about what this contest has taught me and what I see happening from here on.

Crunch Time - Week 6 Ultimate Coder Recap!

Our Challengers came back from GDC with almost no rest to post their second to last post of the challenge.  Yep, the Ultimate Coder Challenge: Going Perceptual is about to wrap up.  Thus this week's posts show a bit of relief, some post GDC levity, and a sense of serious work to be done before the judges get a crack at trying the apps.  Here's a recap of Week 6.

Assine o Torneio