The 2014 Intel Level Up Game Developer Contest is open...NOW!

I'm super excited for another season of Level Up.  You'll notice a subtle but important change in the name from "Intel Level Up Game DEMO Contest" to "Intel Level Up Game DEVELOPER Contest".  We recieved feedback last year that the term "demo" carries more weight amongst would be participants - many people thought we were looking for polished, consumer ready "demos".  What we are in fact looking for are innovative signs of life, playable proofs of concept, prototypes and basically anything up to but not including released games.

2014 Intel Cup ESDC Training and Technical Resource

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Training and technical resource for 2014 Intel Cup Embedded System Design Contest

Download and learn the following training and technical materials about the contest platform and related technologies. If you have any technical question, please use the contest forum.

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    If you are 18 years or older, you are eligible to enter the contest. This is a worldwide contest, with some restrictions. Please read the contest official rules for the details.

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