2017 R2 Release: What's New in Intel® Media Server Studio

We are pleased to announce the release of Intel® Media Server Studio 2017 R2! This release provides:

  • AVC Encode Performance and Stability Enhancements
  • Hardware-accelerated HEVC Encode Skip Frame to Ensure HRD Compliance
  • AVC and MPEG-2 Visual Quality Improvements

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Introducing DNN primitives in Intel® Math Kernel Library

    Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) are on the cutting edge of the Machine Learning domain. These algorithms received wide industry adoption in the late 1990s and were initially applied to tasks such as handwriting recognition on bank checks. Deep Neural Networks have been widely successful in this task, matching and even exceeding human capabilities. Today DNNs have been used for image recognition and video and natural language processing, as well as in solving complex visual understanding problems such as autonomous driving.

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