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Power and Energy Management

Battery Services

The reference expansion board does not provide any battery management hardware and thus the Ref-OS-IoT does not bundle any services for managing energy sources.

PM Overview

Ref-OS-IoT supports standard Linux power management features to save energy.

Device runtime power management controls the device’s auto-suspend feature by changing device power state according to activity.

SD Card Interface Specifications

SD card interface features

  • Host clock up to 208 MHz (SDR 104)
  • Supports card detection (insertion/removal) with dedicated card detection signal
  • Meets SD Host Controller Standard Specification version 3.0
  • Meets SD Physical Layer Specification version 3.01
  • Only supports SD memory
  • Supports 1.8v signal levels directly; requires an external level shifter to support devices that operate above 1.8V

Module Board-to-Board Connectors

The Intel® Joule™ module uses two board-to-board connectors to separate communication buses, power, and GPIO signals to the expansion board. Module connectors J6 and J7 mate with Hirose* Electric Co LTD part number DF40C-100DS-0.4V or other compatible hardware.

To properly interface with the module, keep the board-to-board connectors parallel, and maintain 19 mm between long-edge centerlines and 15.5 mm between short-edge centerlines, as shown in the figure below.

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