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Tuning SIMD vectorization when targeting Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family


The Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family is based on the server microarchitecture codenamed Skylake.

For best possible performance on the Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family, applications should be compiled with processor-specific option [Q]xCORE-AVX512 using the Intel® C++ and Fortran compilers. Note that applications built with this option will not run on non-Intel or older instruction-sets based processors.

  • Linux*
  • Microsoft Windows* 10
  • C/C++
  • Fortran
  • Ferramentas de desenvolvimento
  • Computação paralela
  • Vetorização
  • Alternatives to Using the Intel® XDK to Develop Mobile Apps

    The Intel® XDK provides a cross-development environment for creating hybrid mobile HTML5 apps based on the Apache* Cordova* mobile app framework (aka Adobe* PhoneGap*). The Cordova mobile app framework defines a standard "HTML5 to native wrapper" structure and a third-party plugin interface that allows developers to extend the JavaScript API for HTML5 mobile apps.

  • Profissional
  • Estudantes
  • HTML5
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript*
  • Avançado
  • Principiante
  • Intermediário
  • Intel® XDK
  • PIN Errors in 2017 and 2018 Analysis Tools


    As of July 28th, 2017, we have been receiving many reports of people who have been having problems with the analysis tools (Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, Advisor, and Inspector) as a result of a problem with PIN, the tool they use to instrument software.

    PIN problems can produce several types of error. Some common ones are:

  • Linux*
  • Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Microsoft Windows* 10
  • Microsoft Windows* 8.x
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE
  • Intel® Advisor
  • Intel® Inspector
  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier
  • Platform Setup

    This section of the guide covers platform assembly and electromechanical connections required to perform basic tasks.

    The following items are noted as required, or highly recommended, to have on-hand before beginning to assemble the development platform.

    Material List

    Item Description

    Graphics Framework

    The Reference Operating System for IoT graphics stack consist of i915 GPU kernel driver, the Mesa user space 3D graphics driver, the xf86-video-intel 2D driver, the libDRM library, the Cairo 2D library, the libVA library, and the Intel backend driver for the libVA library. An overview of the graphics stack and its relationships is shown below.

    The kernel driver also comes with intel-gpu tools which contain basic test, profiling, and support wrappers for handling PM, batch buffer, and ioctl calls.

    Camera Test Cases

    Since it is not possible to run both a viewfinder and capture JPEG images from the same stream, use these test cases to discover how this can be done by accessing the camera HAL directly.

    Google Test Framework

    These test cases are based on the Google Test framework and can be found here:

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