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Build Workstation Configuration

This section outlines key system and host environment configuration elements needed to build the reference operating system.

The following configuration and Yocto workflow is based on a workstation running Linux*. Examples provided have been tested with Ubuntu* 16.04 and should work on most modern distributions if adapted by a knowledgeable developer.

Bluetooth Serial Console

A serial console can be created across the Bluetooth® service to send commands and display system messages.

The following sequence outlines how to enable the Bluetooth® serial console.

Add a serial port channel to the adapter

sdptool add SP

Instruct RFCOMM to configure and to watch the port

Audio Interface

Audio Codec

The I2S_1 port on J6 is available for audio playback and recording, for example through an audio codec. It can operate in I2S and PCM master or slave modes. The signals are shown below.


Breakout Connectors

The expansion board contains two forty-pin connectors, each having a 2x20 configuration at 0.1-inch spacing, to enable external circuit connections.

These connectors are referred to as the breakout connectors. They expose several interfaces and module signals required to develop complete systems.

These breakout connectors provide access to the following interfaces:

Pulse Width Modulators

The default BIOS configuration table defines four dedicated PWM outputs as PWM_0 through PWM_3 with programmable frequency and duty cycle.

All of the PWM signals are level transitioned (shifted) from 1.8 VDC to breakout board voltage levels by pullup resistors on the breakout board. Level translation is perform by a Texas Instruments* LSF0108RKSR open drain translator. The expansion board uses a 200 kΩ pullup resistor from the +V3P3V supply to enable EU17 when the expansion board is active.

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