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The Intel® Joule™ platform offers multiple solutions for data retention: eMMC, SD Card, and SDIO. Each storage type is intended for a specific use but offers the developer the flexibility to choose between them.


The module contains an embedded MultiMedia Card (eMMC) with ether 8GB or 16GB of storage capacity. See the System on Module Overview for module configurations.

Audio Interface

Audio Codec

The I2S_1 port on J6 is available for audio playback and recording, for example through an audio codec. It can operate in I2S and PCM master or slave modes. The signals are shown below.

HDMI Subsystem

The HDMI subsystem provides a micro-HDMI* Type-D connector at J10 for connecting compliant displays and HDMI audio devices to the development platform. Refer to Expansion Board Interfaces for the location of the HDMI connector.

The Intel® Joule™ expansion board provides the required filtering and voltage level translation (shifting) between the module HDMI bus and the physical interface outputs.

Heatsink Options

You have several options for cooling the Intel® Joule™ module based on the amount of work the module is doing.

The module thermal plate can dissipate workloads of less than 2 watts. A fan moving air across the thermal plate is recommended when not using a heatsink. See Reference Fan Mounting Block for a fan mounting plate that you can 3D print yourself from the included files. We recommend the Sunon* fan, Model# MC30100V2-000U-A99 fan or equivalent.

SD Card Interface Specifications

SD card interface features

  • Host clock up to 208 MHz (SDR 104)
  • Supports card detection (insertion/removal) with dedicated card detection signal
  • Meets SD Host Controller Standard Specification version 3.0
  • Meets SD Physical Layer Specification version 3.01
  • Only supports SD memory
  • Supports 1.8v signal levels directly; requires an external level shifter to support devices that operate above 1.8V
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