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Pinmapping for the Board

The pins on the Expansion Board breakout connectors can be mapped for different functions and purposes depending on the operating system used and the version of the BIOS.

The expansion board has two breakout connectors:

  1. Breakout connector #1 is numbered from 1-40.
  2. Breakout connector #2 is numbered from 41-80 (but is also labelled 1-40 on the physical board).


Module Board-to-Board Connectors

The Intel® Joule™ module uses two board-to-board connectors to separate communication buses, power, and GPIO signals to the expansion board. Module connectors J6 and J7 mate with Hirose* Electric Co LTD part number DF40C-100DS-0.4V or other compatible hardware.

To properly interface with the module, keep the board-to-board connectors parallel, and maintain 19 mm between long-edge centerlines and 15.5 mm between short-edge centerlines, as shown in the figure below.


The expansion board provides two clock signals on the breakout connectors, a 19.2 MHz clock and a 32.768 kHz real time clock (RTC). The following two sections provide the AC and DC specifications for both of these clock signals.

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