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wolfSSL Leverages Intel® Technology for Cryptography Advances

Founded in 2004, wolfSSL initially focused on creating the first open source, dual-licensed embedded Secure Socket Layer (SSL) library. Their alternative to OpenSSL was more portable, smaller, and faster. It came with a modern API and offered commercial-style developer support. MySQL* soon adopted wolfSSL, and today the company has expanded from its Montana roots to offices in Washington and Oregon.
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  • Music as means of an escape: harmonious benefits made easy.

    In the course of daily life, little can feel harmonious. We deal with work stress, hectic schedules, commutes, families, and time constraints to fit everything in. We try to remember the importance of incorporating ways to de-stress. Some people enjoy getting lost in a book. Others make time early each morning for exercise. But most of us have a diverse set of interests that we make time for – just as an escape.

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  • Reel to reel becomes the real deal. Edit your footage like a pro.

    You get a certain feeling of warmth when tuning into old family home movies. Beyond watching a parent as a young child or even seeing your grandparent in younger days, is just the vintage-style of it all transforming us to another time in the life of our family. Life somehow seemed simpler then, and it’s fun to set aside an evening where a group gets together just to view such videos.

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  • Is personalizing your browser kind of a drag? Simplify things and get your experience moving swimmingly.

    At times, there’s an irony in the fact that technology is continually being developed and evolving to make our lives easier. In most cases, that is absolutely true. But on a given day when you are frustrated with something not operating up to your expectations (user error, or not), that probably feels far from accurate.

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  • Customized Content and the Move from Cable to Mobile TV

    Technology has had such an impact on entertainment and it continues to change so fast that it’s hard to keep up.  Not only has technology changed the nature of storytelling, it can now deliver content from around the world, where before you were stuck with whatever your local stations happened to broadcast. 

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  • Extra, extra – read all about it! Technology delivers an updated newspaper experience.

    Despite the fact newspapers have served as a largely trusted communication medium for over 300 years[1], it seems in recent times, they have gotten a bit of a bad rap.  Viewed by the younger demographic as possibly being ‘old-school’ and not necessarily environmentally friendly, statistics have also backed up this feeling.  In a recent study, the percenta

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  • Information Acceleration: 3 Possible Scenarios for Innovative Voice Transcription Software

    Emerging captioning and media transcription solutions are helping to overcome the limitations of speech to text – with big implications.

    In the mad dash to get digital content to the finish line, professionals are employing new solutions to get the job done faster.  Here are some hypothetical situations where having the right tool could help make that big difference.

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