Unable to Download Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) Cryptography library

Symptom: Unable to download Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) Cryptography library from Intel Registration Center (IRC).

Cause: Not having a strong Password may lead to IPP Cryptography library download Problems.

Solution: Users password should be strong enough for the role required to access the download.

Password Guildelines for Strong Password:

In order to protect your security, Intel has certain rules for choosing passwords. Please read the following rules so that you will know how to choose a good password:
(The following rules apply to all passwords)

• The password must be at least eight characters long, and can contain letters, numerals, and punctuation.
• It cannot contain spaces.
• It must contain at least one alpha character [a-z; A-Z].
• It cannot contain your login ID.
• The first eight characters cannot be the same as your previous password.
• Passwords are treated as case sensitive.

Examples of strong passwords:
(The following is for example purposes only. Do not use any of these examples as your actual password.)
• Use a name, modified slightly, like "Bob*1Smith" or "Bobby$123"
• Use a phrase you can remember, like "hello world" modified to "hello1@World2"
• "ttL*hi?wur5" (contains lower case letters, capital case letters, special characters, and numbers)

Please refer to this website for more Information on IPP Cryptography library.
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