Developing on the latest hardware

If you develop your software on the latest platforms, one obvious advantage is that as these platforms ramp up in use, your software can hopefully follow the same trajectory.
How soon can you get access to these platforms when they are announced?

Earlier, I had thought that you have to be one of those real big software companies to get a "development platform" shipped to you.first. In the Software enabling summit, I learned something else. The 'Remote access service" (RAS) provides you with access to the latest platforms several months before actual hardware is shopped out to early developers. This was a revelation. I had known about the Remote Access Service for quite a while, but had always looked at it as a second tier service for those ISVs who do not get their own hardware. Some statistics provided by the presenter "Chris Jeffords" were revealing. Woodcrest systems were available to RAS customers from early March, but those who waited for their own hardware got it only in July-August.

Chris explained in detail what are the customer requirements for using RAS. They seemed simple enough - for the most part, all you need is a secure connection (VPN preferred) and a good bandwidth (>256K for GUI applications),. Chris also explained how each customer's testing environment is isolated and protected, addressing all concerns about protection of intellectual property.

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More learnings coming up.
Krishnamurti Subramanian

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