Web 2.0 November 7-9 2006 Event

I'm working in Intel Software Solutions Group, one of Intel's 7 Divisions. I'm focused on helping Web 2.0 startups grow quicker with Intel's resources, marketing and engineering technologies.

Recently got Intel involved in this growing Web 2.0 event, this Nov 7-9, this event is great for seeing the latest Web 2.0 solutions/services, several companies use this event in the past to launch there companies.

I'm working to sponsor 2 Web 2.0 partners at this event, please take some time and see there demos outside the sessions, we'll have some Intel joint messages with them around there booth. I'll be around the booths, if you're intested in talking about how Intel can help you with Web 2.0 or send me a email at Jason.t.powell@intel.com and we can pre-arrange a brief meeting at the event.

Thank you,

Jason Powell

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